Supply Nexus

Nexus is an alliance of the UK & Irelands leading independent dealer groups. The group provides purchasing, sales, marketing and networking services to its members. The group represents over 180 independent businesses across the the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands, and have a combined turnover fast approaching £1 Billion. We take pride in working with some of the world’s most renowned vendors and suppliers. We focus on achieving success by:

  • Maximising revenues.
  • Minimising costs.
  • Increasing profits.
  • Improving our effficiency.

We are driven by the needs our customers and look to partner with our suppliers for whom we offer;

  • Growth in volume sales.
  • Increased breadth.
  • Better visibility for your brand.
  • Engagement opportunities with our stakeholders.

If you would like to supply us or learn more about the business opportunities within Nexus Dealer Group and would like to partner with us, then please complete the following form and an appropriate member of our team will contact you in due course:


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